Vertical Leg Press


SKU : IFP1613

Equipped with starting handle, the position is convenient for users to operate safe and reliable. Multi level safety limit provides multiple starting positions to meet the needs of users of different heights. There are handles at the bottom and next to the foot pedal, which are convenient for users to get on and off the machine. The back pad is angled to fit the angle of the body during the kick to avoid excessive backward pelvis.

หมวดหมู่ : Plate Load

แบรนด์ : Impulse


Targeted Muscle : Rectus Femoris,External Femoris,Hip Muscle Group、Calf Muscle Group
Targeted Body Part : Lower Limbs
Applicable Height Range:155cm-195cm
Resistance: Plate Loaded
Function: Monofunctional
Pedal :3mm Checkered Plates(Anti-skid Paint Coated)
Standardized Parts : Medium Carbon Steel(8.14 grade、Zinc Plating-black)
Product Dimension :1655*1214*1711mm
Net Weight :110.4.4kg
Gross Weight :120kg


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