Seated Leg Extension


SKU : IFP1605

The automatic locking latch type back pad adjustment can be adjusted according to users of different heights. Able to operate with one hand which is convenient to use. The leg pads can be adjusted according to the ankles of users of different heights to meet various needs.

หมวดหมู่ : Plate Load

แบรนด์ : Impulse


Targeted Muscle : Rectus Femoris, External Femoris
Targeted Body Part : Lower Limbs
Applicable Height Range:155cm-195cm
Resistance: Plate Loaded
Function: Monofunctional
Back Cushion Adjustment :Press type adjusting plate + 8 level
Back Cushion Adjustment Range : 175mm
Foam Adjustment: Slotted adjusting plate + 16 level
Product Dimension :1246*1173*995mm
Net Weight :63.4kg
Gross Weight :71kg


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