Seated Row


SKU : IFP1302

The height of the seat cushion is adjusted by the tooth plate and it automatically rebounds with the back spring which is more convenience to adjust and can be operated with one hand. The diverging split motion training track can better stimulate the muscles in the back. Auxiliary pedals provide convenience for users to get on and off the equipment.

หมวดหมู่ : Plate Load

แบรนด์ : Impulse


Targeted Muscle : Latissimus Dorsi

Targeted Body Part : Back

Applicable Height Range:155cm-195cm

Resistance: Plate Loaded

Function: Monofunctional

Maximum load :100kg*2

Seat adjustment :Slotted adjusting plate + 17 level

Seat adjustment range :210mm

Thickness of Back Cushion:70mm

Max User Weight:150kg

Product Dimension :1470*1020*1340mm

Net Weight:77.5kg

Gross Weight:85.5kg


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