Standing Lateral Raise


SKU : IFP1103

a) Lengthen the movable handle to meet the training needs of different groups. b) With high strength engineering plastic barbell tube protective cover. c) With limiting mechanism to ensure the safety of the trainer. d) Simple structure with small use area. It greatly reduces the floor area while ensuring stability. e) The height of the turning point matches the height of the user’s shoulder, giving users a more comfortable experience and precise stimulation of muscle groups.

หมวดหมู่ : Plate Load

แบรนด์ : Impulse


Targeted Muscle : Deltoid Muscle

Targeted Body Part : Shoulder

Applicable Height Range :155cm-195cm

Resistance:Plate Loaded

Function :Monofunctional

Maximum load : 100kg*2

Pedal  :3mm(Anti-skid Paint Coated)

Handle Bar Type: Circular Tube Handle

Handle Bar Cover :TPV(Aluminum baffle ring and aluminum head)

Standardized Parts :Medium Carbon Steel(8.8 grade、Zinc Plating-black)

Maximum Storage Weight of Single Barbell Plate Storage Bar 100kg

Product Dimension 1165*885*1550mm

Max User Weight :150kg

Net Weight 57.3kg

Gross Weight 62.5kg


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